Better Breathing Choir

The St John’s Better Breathing Choir is open to anyone wishing to improve their breathing through singing and exercises. Choir sessions are currently held online using Zoom and free to attend. To join the Better Breathing Choir, there is no need to read music or have any previous singing experience. We sing songs that are usually familiar to most people and use the songs and warm-up exercises as a means of focusing on breath awareness and having fun! We also include exercises led by a physiotherapist and include movement to music led by an occupational therapist with training in dance therapy. During online sessions, no-one can hear you sing – you just sing along with the song leader from the comfort of your own home! You are welcome to bring along a friend or family member.

Why join a singing group?

Singing can:

  • increase the strength of your voice;
  • reduce your feelings of being short of breath;
  • help you to feel more in control of your breathing;
  • help improve your posture;
  • teach you to breathe more slowly and deeply.

All sessions are currently online on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. For information about the choir and information on how to join the online sessions, contact Jane Gosine (cjanegosine@gmail.com or jgosine@mun.ca).

We look forward to seeing you!

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